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Before you tell me you don't eat waffles...

Let's talk about the Jura region in France for a moment. In my mind, the word Jura is synonymous with Comté–the majestic wheels of cow's milk cheese that is unfortunately lesser known, though no less delicious, than Switzerland's Gruyere. 

Comté is sustenance on many levels. For starters it is suitable to consume at any meal (even second breakfast). It is also a big part of France's culinary heritage; just ask a French person to tell you about their favorite Comté and watch them lose track of time while they go deep into the details about the one their grandmother used to bring to the house in 2 kilo wedges. Most notable perhaps is the fact that Comté is responsible for an entire economy in the Jura, employing upwards of 7600 people locally and utilizing over half a million acres of land for dairy farming.

This is a robust cheese that can stand alone on a cheese board or stand out alongside a glass of beer or wine. 

The Comté we're getting for Wine Club is a gem. Selected by affineur Rudolphe Le Meunier, the wheel was made with summer milk (the treasured milk because the cows are unleashed up into high alpine pasture with an abundance of wild grasses) and aged for 18 months. Expect crunchy crystals, a dense paste, and a lot of flavor.

Cheese Name: Comté (made with raw cow's milk)

Origin: Jura, France

Price per pound: $30

And yes- we will offer tastes of the waffles pictured above at the pickup!

Cheese Please Fall 2017 Pickup

Cheese Please! Fall 2017 Pickup

Wine Club Pickup: Saturday, November 18th at Urban Crush

The Basics:

We have selected a gorgeous Comté to share with you this pickup. Our decision is partly self-serving (Comté pairs so nicely with the whites we're releasing), partly altruistic (this cheese is a crowd-pleaser and Thanksgiving is in five days), and generally a solid one that we're confident will not disappoint.

We hope you will join us on the 18th and enjoy some Potato Rosti waffles made with Comté alongside your wine tasting!

Wine Club Pickup: Saturday, November 18th at Urban Crush

You can add-on one pound or a half pound to your wine club order.

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