The Idea

We love wine. We love making it. We love sharing it. We love exploring all that it has to offer.

In our experience some vintages and varietals are best experienced by groups of people for reasons ranging from bottle size to availability, and of course cost.

Flight Club is our attempt to form a group of fellow explorers who will join us in a series where we look at some of the most fabled and beloved regions and wines around the world.

We’ll taste, learn, possibly argue and definitely laugh—capitalizing on the power of a collective to purchase wines beyond our reach as individuals, peruse regions and bottle formats we’d never dream of on our own, and broaden our palettes. At the end of each club meeting, we will let the group elect the region, varietal, or format we’ll explore next.

Wine for the people, by the people!

Flight Club #9: SYRAH

Join us for an exploration of the world Syrah scene from the deep roots in Northern Rhone, to the rise of American interpretations (CA and WA) and the curious history of Shiraz, Persia and its historical role in Bordeaux.

This will be another informative and fun evening. We hope you can make it.

Date: Wednesday, March 29th from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Cost: Tickets are $55/guest

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