How To Series: Care for Houseplants


How To Series: Care for Houseplants


We love plants. So much in fact that we have been known to kill them with love (aka water) here at Cyril's. Luckily we crossed paths with Amy Knittel- self proclaimed plant nerd- who we enlisted to care for all the plants inside the restaurant and on the patio. She is so wonderful that we want share her with you.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have ever purchased a plant, put it in a new pot and watched in horror as it slowly descended into death. 
  • Some shelf or windowsill in your home serves as an infirmary for plants you cannot part with but also do not know how to save/fix.
  • The vocabulary of lighting conditions (medium direct, low, bright indirect) are a source of mystery to you.
  • Plants grow just fine in your care but....they often spin out of control and you don't know how to shape them into sturdy, beautiful plants that fit in a normal sized home.

Come and hang out around a big table with a bunch of other plant-curious people to learn together. You are welcome to bring in a plant/cutting/photo of a plant that you're struggling with and Amy will do her best to provide some diagnostic support.

If you sign up, this is what you can expect to hear about* AND you will leave with a small plant!

Making Good Choices: taking into consideration your lifestyle (how often are you home, how reliable are you at taking care of things), light (what's medium, high, low?), scale (how much space do you have for this plant you're thinking about bringing into your life?), what kind of dirt do you put it in?

Managing Success: how do you learn how to shape plants? how do you cut them without hurting them? what to expect (like they're going to look funny for a bit before the shape fills back out)? when do you transplant to a larger pot?, when do you "stake" a plant- what is the best way to do that?

The Inevitable Bumps in the Road: leaves curling (upwards or down), brown leaves, yellow leaves, bugs!!!, "burnt" looking leaves, dropping leaves, "leggy" growth

Knowing When to Say Goodbye: learning the signs that will help us understand when things are past the point of no return.

*yup, we know that you could google a lot of this information. haven't. so just come to this. it's going to be fun.

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