How To Series: Shop Your Food Values

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How To Series: Shop Your Food Values


Natural. Grass-fed. Organic. Pastured. Vegetarian-fed. Humanely raised. Local........ 

We could go on for days with the litany of terms we find on our food labels, signs at farmers' markets and in grocery stores. Food has gotten incredibly complicated. 

In this How To workshop we want to provide you with information about some of the larger current food trends and give you a chance to ask questions and consider how these trends fit within your values surrounding food and food systems. Our goal is to help you become more informed consumers without having to do all the homework yourself. 

Things you can expect to learn about in this workshop are:
Labels: We will look at Eggs (Pastured vs. Caged and “Cage Free”), and Meat (grass-fed vs. corn fed) what do these terms actually mean to the bodies that regulate these labels and how does that translate into the quality of life for the animals. We will share visual examples of each and conduct blind tastings to see if we can taste the difference! 
Gluten & You: We will explain to you what gluten is (and what it is not), where you will find gluten- and all of its aliases- in your food. We will share information from both pro and anti gluten camps and results of key studies that have been conducted to support each camp’s claims.
Organics…WTF?: We will provide an overview of the history of organic foods and what it means for a food to have the organic label. We will discuss the rules governing organic labeling and additives as well as some of the loopholes that exist in those rules. There will be visual examples and a blind tasting to conclude.

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